The following tutorials, video clips, documents and quizzes are organized in five different stages to get you started quickly and then help you to learn more as you proceed to more challenging tasks.

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Watch video clips

Run simple test as a Guest

Short tutorial - planning overview
Strategic Planner Conceptual Overview
Getting Started with Planner Game
Signup to Strategic Planner

Video clips supported tutorial
Sample Reports Generated
Strategic Planner Technical Overview

Planning for Enterprise Wide Initiatives
Enterprise Architectures and Integration Concepts
Intra-Enterprise Integration (EAI) Game

Planning and Architectures for B2B and G2G Services
Inter-Enterprise Integration (B2B) Game

Certificate for Information Technology Officials (CITO)
Overview of the Academic Work
Published Research Papers
  Computer Aided Strategic Planning for eGovernment Agility
  Computer Aided Strategic Planning, Engineering and Management for Global eServices
  Computer Aided Consulting for ICT: An Innovative Approach for Developing Countries

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