SPACE eFactory

SPACE as an eFactory for Formation and Transformation of Digital Enterprises

A Quick Tour

SPACE has been used in a large number of projects and has now evolved into an eFactory, displayed here, that can be used to form a new enterprise or transform an existing one anywhere in the World.

Scenario 0: Overview: A user can visit this eFactory as an explorer to visit and use any SPACE tools available. Click Here

Scenario 1: Launch a New Enterprise/Initiative as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can then also invoke an Industry Analysis Workbench to evaluate the opportunity. Click Here

Scenario 2: Invoke a Digital Transformation Advisor to assess potential digital transformation initiatives. The user may also invoke a Detailed Planner that will in fact implement the selected transformation. Click Here

Scenario 3: Engage in special experiments and integrations by using the Smart Global Village. This Village is a large Sandbox with over 1100 smart collaborating hubs from more than 140 countries and represents more than 12 major sectors. All hubs in the Sandbox are produced by the SPACE Factory. Click Here