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Stage2: Basic Competency Test

NOTE: The objective of this short test is to prepare you for a Stage 2 Access that will give you full access to a wide range of Planner capabilities. The test consists of two parts: an online short quiz (Part A) and analysis of a simple strategic plan generated by the Planner. Please read the stage 2 documents before taking the Quiz and also use the Planner to generate a report for evaluation. Click the Submit button to get Stage2 access to the Planner.

PART A: Short Quiz (15 minutes).

Q1 :The SPACE capabilities support (pick one):
Q2 :What does the SPACE Planner do, i.e., what are the outputs produced by the Planner (pick one)
Q3 :The Planner can be used for the following situations/scenarios (True/False)
Planning for a mobile health clinic in a country (e.g., Nigeria) True False
Develop an RFP for Distance Learning True False
Establish a project management plan True False
Developing the sketch of a Smart City plan True False
Handle interagency and B2B communications in government and business settings True False
Q4 : The main phases of the Planner are P0, P1, P2, P3, P4. Given the following activities, which phases are they performed in
Project planning
Country selection
Service selection
Quality controls
RFP generation
SWOT analysis
IT audit list
Cost-benefit analysis