On-line Training: A series of short online-courses on eGovernment and eBusiness, supported by SPACE for hands-on experiments. For more details click here.

  • Focus on Planning, Architectures, Integration and Management

  • Special attention to emerging technologies

  • Priced for developing countries

  • Completely online

  • Accumulate university credit

  • Include text materials plus access to all capabilities of SPACE

Computer Aided Consulting: You develop a solution sketch by using SPACE and we help you to finalize the solution. For more details click here.

  • Especially suited for developing countries and small to medium businesses.

  • 70% of the work is done by the SPACE Environment in about an hour, we do the other 30%.

  • Our objective is to enable you to solve future problems yourself.

  • Dramatically cuts down your time and cost -- only 30% of the time and cost as compared to the typical consulting assignments.

  • Most simple problems (e.g., one service) require one day of consulting, medium problems (e.g., multiple services in the same sector) require 3 day of consulting, and most large scale problems (interagency integration) require 5-7 day of consulting.

  • For the services defined in the SPACE Environment, no consulting exceeds 10 days. If it goes beyond 10 days, we pay for extra days.

  • If requested, we will develop the solution sketch by using SPACE and give you the results.

SAAS (Software as a Service): You develop a solution by using SPACE and, if needed, use your own time and staff to enhance/customize the solution. For more details click here.

  • Especially suited for people who are experts in the field and/or have access to local experts

  • You only pay a very small fee to use the system

  • We answer any questions you may have

Suggested Approach for the New Users:

  • Start by reviewing the resources, tutorials, and other materials available on the Planner Education Corner and tryout the Planner by using the free guest user capability.

  • If needed, take one or two short online courses.

  • Work on a few problems by using the Computer Aided Consulting model.

  • Start using the system as a SAAS for future work.