SPACE can be used as a Computer Aided Consulting environment because good consultants play dual roles of problem solvers as well as educators. As displayed in the following figure, SPACE proposes a scenario which reduces the cost and time of current scenarios by about 70%. Specifically:

  • Current Scenario: Consultants and systems professionals spend a great deal of time and effort (60 to 70%) defining the problem, analyzing the problem, and preparing a rough solution sketch based on discussions with the customers.

  • Proposed Scenario: the user defines the project (S1) and quickly analyzes and creates well documented plans and solution sketches by using SPACE (S2, S3). The user then asks a consultant to review and refine the documents – this happens collaboratively between the consultants and the users (S4). A major advantage of this scenario is a dramatic decrease in time (about 60-70%) and cost.

The proposed model heavily relies on patterns and can be used to deliver consulting services to remotely located customers. Additional benefits are:

  • It can be used by businesses and governments to receive quality consulting services and educational support anywhere in the world.

  • The capabilities of the system improve rapidly as more and better enriched patterns are added.

  • Best practices and industry standards are embedded in patterns and are thus available to all users immediately.