Launching a Service by Using the SPACE Planner

Invoke the SDGs Advisor

After checking the status of SDG Services, a user can invoke the ePlanner from the SDG Advisor. The following figure shows how the ePlanner can be used to generate such a plan. The ePlanner is a family of intelligent “advisors” (expert systems) that collaborate with each other to cover five phases (P0 to P4), shown in the figure. These advisors invoke the games, patterns, and other resources to generate the plan (the outputs) shown in the figure. The plan plus a working portal are generated in less than an hour and are 70-80% complete. These outputs can be customized by local experts.

To start, P0 helps the user to capture Nigeria specific information and P1 helps in specification of the eLearning service. P2 generates a customized plan based on P0 and P1. P3 generates the information for RFP and requirements and integration. P4 generates outputs to support project management and governance. The outputs produced can be further customized by the users or local experts manually or by invoking specialized games and simulations.

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