These games are work in progress, so please keep your expectations low. We are constantly extending and enriching these games.

We have developed these games primarily to help the ITOs (IT Officials) from the public as well as the private sectors around the globe. Specifically:

  • The focus of these games is on eBusiness and eGovernment issues.

  • We want to especially help the developing countries.

  • These are primarily learning games to improve the decision making processes -- entertainment is not a high priority.

  • Some of the games require a SPACE ID-PW because these games work directly with the Planner and thus enhance the Planner

These games cover the Learn-Plan-Do-Check cycle:

  • Learning Games introduce the players to important concepts in eBusiness and eGovernment.

  • Planning Games expose the players to simple ICT and wireless planning situations.

  • Do (Implementation) Games show how to architect new applications and integrate the new systems with the existing ones.

  • Check Games illustrate the project management and governance issues.