Business Continuity Planning for MMIL

Management Considerations and a Management Checklist

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a comprehensive plan that focuses on how to keep the business running, even after an unplanned outage or disaster.

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Management considerations and a management checklist is a good place to start  a BCP

Management Considerations:

  • Ensure that the BCP is independently reviewed and approved at least annually
  • Ensure the BCP is regularly tested on an enterprise-wide basis
  • Review the BCP testing program and test results on a regular basis
  • Ensure the BCP is continually updated to reflect the current operating environment
  • Prepare a business case and obtain management support.
  • Identify any regulation requirement.
  • Identify the continuity plan coordinator.
  • Establish policy by determining how the institution will manage and control identified risks.
  • Allocate knowledgeable personnel and sufficient financial resources to implement the BCP.
  • Ensure employees are trained and aware of their roles in the implementation of the BCP.
  • Review the BCP testing program and test results on a regular basis.

Management Checklist
The following management checklist is suggested to meet the goals of establishing a good foundation, developing a thorough plan, and maintaining the plan diligently.

GOAL 1- Establish a good foundation

Action Plan Steps Status
Identify team with defined roles
Conduct a business process to understand which processes are mission-critical.
Determine acceptable levels of service during the recovery
Identify employees and other critical inputs(sub-contractors etc.)
Conduct a technology asset inventory to determine and document the mission-critical technology components
Identify any regulation requirements
Identify a budget: Quantify the potential costs of downtime or total business failure.
Knowledgeable individuals from Business Department
BCP Manager Name
BCP Manager Email

Alternate Manager Name

Alternate Manager Email

Senior management team
HR & legal team
Public relations team
IT team

GOAL 2—Develop a thorough plan

Perform inventory on company's hard and soft assets
Add Inventory Document Link (Hard Assets)
Add Inventory Document Link (Soft Assets Data etc)
Backup Site Information
Other Information
Identify critical business functions
Others Business Functions , Process
Testing BCP
Structured walk-through
Previous Date : Jan-17-2026
Department / Business Unit
Checklist Test Report

GOAL 3—Maintain the plan

Maintaining plan
Next Update Planned Date
Previous Date Jan-15-2025
Policies & Procedures
BCP awareness training
Date :
Previous Date Jan-10-2025
Department / Business Unit
Comparing BCP Test
(Last and Current test , missing item, enhancing features etc)