Feasibility and Strategic Plan


Executive Summary

This repot captures the overall plan that is needed to deploy this service. This report can be used to introduce the project to the managers, the users and developers.

The report contains a mixture of generic and customized information. Specifically:

  • Generic information (common best practices, e.g., security) that enforces common standards and practices.
  • Service specific (e.g., healthcare versus education) information to address the unique problems for the type of service.
  • Situation specific (wireless versus wired, large versus small system) based on interviews.
  • Country/Region specific (e.g., Belgium vs. Brazil) suggestions based on rules triggered by country/region specific factors.


  1. Government Model
  2. Service Model
  3. Relevant Case Studies and Examples
  4. Strategic Suggestions and Policies/Procedures
  5. Management Considerations
  6. Technical Specifications
  7. General Integration Issues
  8. Problem Specific Integration and Interoperability Issues
  9. Total Cost of Ownership
  10. Total Time for Implementation
  11. Country/Region Specific Details
  12. Additional Details

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