Project Monitoring and Control Report


Executive Summary

pm cycleThis report shows the Project Life Cycle activities needed to monitor and control a project. These activities, shown in the figure, are executed in several phases. There is first an Initiation phase, in which the outputs and critical success factors are defined, followed by a Planning phase, characterized by breaking down the project into smaller tasks, an Execution phase, in which the project plan is executed, in Monitoring and Control phase, it is to ensure project activities are properly executed and controlled. During the phase, the planned solution is implemented to solve the problem specified in the project's requirements and in last Closing phase of project , that marks the completion of the project. Project activities are grouped into phases because by doing so, the project manager and the core team can plan and organize resources for each activity, and also objectively measure achievement of goals and justify their decisions to move ahead, correct, or terminate.


  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring and Control
  5. Closing

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