Funding Proposal / Business Plan


Executive Summary

This computer generated document contains information that can be easily translated into a business proposal for funding and/or management approval. All computer generated information is based on a user interview. Different information is generated by different interviews.

You can develop a business proposal in 1-2 days by using the following approach:

  1. Please read through the document to understand overall format (Annex A) and the information it contains about the needed service in a specified country/region (Annex B).
  2. Edit and extend/modify the information produced to best fit your need
  3. Write an executive summary (one para) to highlight the key features of your proposal
  4. Write a 1-2 page introduction that gives the project background and briefly explains the rest of the proposal
  5. Write a 1 page opportunity explanation
  6. Write a short concluding paragraph


Annex A: Business Information

  1. Organization Introduction
  2. Opportunity
  3. Concluding Remarks

Annex B: Proposed Solution Details

  1. Government Model
  2. Service Model
  3. Relevant Case Studies and Examples
  4. Strategic Suggestions and Policies/Procedures
  5. Management Considerations
  6. Technical Specifications
  7. General Integration Issues
  8. Problem Specific Integration and Interoperability Issues
  9. Total Cost of Ownership
  10. Total Time for Implementation
  11. Country/Region Specific Details
  12. Additional Details

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