Security Audits and Controls


Executive Summary

Controls and audits are needed to assure continued smooth operations. For example, suppose you develop a solution now with the best policies, procedures, and technologies. How do you know that the choices and decisions you have made now will be followed in the next several years. In addition, how do you ensure that the decisions made now are good enough and will last through the technological as well as organizational changes in the next several years?

Audits and controls checklists, shown in this report, are a good mechanism for smooth and effective operations for several years to come. These checklists include organizational controls, physical security, access controls, management controls, application controls, network security controls, etc


  1. Organizational Controls And Security Administration
  2. Physical And Environmental Security
  3. Operation Management
  4. Enterprise Level Access Controls
  5. System Development And Maintenance
  6. Business Continuity Management
  7. Compliance
  8. Application Controls
  9. Network Security Controls
  10. Server Platforms Controls
  11. Additional It Infrastructure Controls

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